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Strange Lights Over Basingstoke England

Strange Lights Over Basingstoke, England

On January 11, 2018, a resident of Basingstoke, England captures five, strange lights moving across the foggy, night sky. MUFON Case# 89494.

Witness Statement: I was working in basingstoke town centre. i webt outside with my workmate to get some materials out of the van and noticed 1 light slowely move around the back of a building, then abother one appeared from behind the building at a set distance that did not change.

seconds after another 3 appeared as if they was already there but was not lit up. after a min or so they began to slowley swing around (as if a crane had lights on it and turned around 220deg). at this point one 2 lights where visable, after another min or 2 the 2 visable lights got further and further away, one stopped and 1 seemed to carry on barely being a visable light source. after around 5mins they came back to there 2nd possition (all 5).

they then swang around again and just sat still with a very minimal amount of movement. at this point we can back inside the building to try and get a better veiw from the roof. with the fog we couldnt see anything so ran back down at which point they where nowhere to be seen.

at first i thought it was a helicopter but they seemed very close and would have definatly heard the sound of the rotors.

i have ruled out them being any kind of servilian craft as these would have had some sort of flashing light on them and with it being dark and foggy we would have seen this.

it couldnt have been search lights shinning up from the ground as we could clearly see the lights surface area getting wider as it shon down meaning the light source was in the sky.

it was a very quite night with only bird singing being heard and very little to no wind.

it was also very foggy with carpark spotlights clearly visable and lights on buildings but could easily been told apart from these 5 lights.

the sighting lasted around 30mins and managed to take around 4mins of video

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